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Charlie Spear

Charlie Spear Fine Art Painting

Peru, IN


Charlie Spear was born in 1948 in the Midwest. The era of Modern Art was in full swing with the Sixties generating an artistic smorgasbord of art styles and new media. Much of his early career was spent learning about art through teaching art. His imagery grew out of early television and graphic media. Spear paints both as a landscape painter and an abstractionist which characterizes his ecclectic tendencies. Philip Guston has had an influence on his art of recent. Exploring the art media's physical qualities is an important element in his style coupled with an atavistic love of an expressionistic drawing style. The result is a charged surface of automatic line energy and raw cartoon color expressionism.

His work is a reflection of familiar events in a life among those six individuals who connect him to the larger human population. His imprinting from childhood via the funnies, hero/heroine-comic books and 'good against evil' Cartoon movies are mostly the visual underpinnings of his work. When I paint and draw enough concrete imagery remains to call the ideas expressed : 'Illusionary Prose.'Recent inspirations have been drawing elements from the classical figure tradition. I find in these latter works simplicity and boldness of thought persistent with the classical beauty of the 'drawn line.'

Recent work is based on the hyperbole and caricature as a vehicle for satire, humor, and wonder. He uses exaggeration of anatomy and landscape elements to emphasize a range of elemental emotions of expression i.e. recognition and cognitive reactions to familiar behaviors and places with a price of ownership.

His recent art has moved towards graphic imagery reminiscent of 1950-60 comics. His landscapes are quiet and solitary. Humor and satire are evident in his paintings in which people are the subject.


Field of Dreams by Charlie Spear


Frightening Comic Book Pages by Charlie Spear


Rigel I I by Charlie Spear


Break by Charlie Spear


My Grandfathers Land by Charlie Spear


Summer Hay Rolls by Charlie Spear


Red Light Green Light by Charlie Spear


Ending Night Shift at the Hudson Factory by Charlie Spear


Just Up the Road by Charlie Spear


Red Sun in Morning Sailors Take Warning by Charlie Spear


Nickel Plate Trail by Charlie Spear


Retreat Parma by Charlie Spear


Old Pipe Factory Yard by Charlie Spear


Firefly Dusk by Charlie Spear


The Old Pipe Works by Charlie Spear


The Stage is Set by Charlie Spear


The Warming Sun by Charlie Spear


Chartreuse Hum by Charlie Spear


The Obfuscation of Space by Charlie Spear


The Red House on Wampole Street Bad Mosquito Evening by Charlie Spear


An Eagle on the18th by Charlie Spear


Running Away detail by Charlie Spear


Running Away But Not Escaping by Charlie Spear


Park Shadows and Lights by Charlie Spear


Hilly House Revisited by Charlie Spear